Monday, August 11, 2014


Thank you to all the golfers who signed up for this year's tournament. 

We look forward to seeing you on September 12, 2014
at Blue Ridge Shadows Golf Club!

We are still accepting sponsors for this year's tournament!  And all are welcome to join us for dinner at the club, to participate in our silent auction, and to meet our great dogs! 

If you would like to join us for dinner, dinner tickets can be purchased by using the registration form or contacting us at
You still have an opportunity to support VGSR through the golf tournament and auction by sponsoring a hole, participating in our silent auction, and joining us for dinner.  We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Auction Items Needed!!! Please help.

        We need everyone's help in rounding up the items for the Silent Auction.   

In order to make this the best VGSR fundraiser ever, we need your help to donate or solicit items for our Silent Auction.  Remember - the dogs need you!   If you can think of something that you would like in your home, chances are it will make a great item for our Auction. 

Players told us they would like to see more golf related items at the Auction table.  Everyone would like the opportunity to bid on Wine Tastings; Gift Cards or Certificates for Travel, Vacation Rentals, Restaurants, Store and Online Purchases; Sports Memorabilia; Sporting Event, Concert and Theatre Tickets; Antiques, Art, Autographed Items; Jewelry, Specialty Items;  Beer and Wine; or ANY UNIQUE ITEM!

Themed basket ideas include golf; wine; pet; food; grilling; movie nights, sports, toys and games, electronics and gadgets.  

Let your imagination soar and help us make the Auction a fun filled and FUNdraising event.  Please email to let us know that we can count on you!  Arrangements will be made for pick-up, whenever possible!

Remember to mark September 12  on your calendar and join us for a great day.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Golfers - Almost Sold Out!

GOLFERS - There is only room for a few more golfers.

We are almost at maximum capacity.

You can check if there is still room for your golfers at before sending in your check.

Thank you to all the golfers who signed up early for this year's tournament!  The teams below will be joining us again this year.  We appreciate your support.  This year's tournament and auction will surely be a fantastic day of golf, fun, food, friends, and dogs.  Your particiption will raise much needed funds for Virginia German Shepherd Rescue and will make all the difference in the world for many, many dogs!  Thank you!

The Emmart Team will be there...

Team Upp will be there again...

Team Lopez will be there again...

and Team Sperling will be there again.

And teams representing our wonderful Hole In One sponsors, NAPA and Waterloo Service Center, will be there too!

We look forwarding to seeing everyone on Friday, September 12, 2014, at Blue Ridge Shadows Golf Course!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Thank You to Our Sponsors!


The businesses and individuals below have already signed up to sponsor VGSR's 7th Annual Golf Tournament and Auction.  (We will update this listing as additional sponsors are received)

VGSR thanks all of you for your support!  We could not do it without you! 

We really appreciate our new sponsors.  We love our repeat sponsors!  Many of our sponsors have supported us for multiple years.  If you see a star next to their name, then they have been supporting VGSR's golf tournament for many years!  THANK YOU for your continued support!  Look at all those stars!

These businesses and individuals are saving german shepherds and helping VGSR continue our mission of rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding loving homes for these deserving dogs!  Say thank you to them by supporting their business!

Waterloo Service Center *
 NAPA / Quality Auto Parts *
Rose Stern - NoVA Golfers Assn
 Kim Engle *
 Ursula Landsrath *
 Sharon Swan *
 Caring Hands Animal Hospital of Bristow
Yellow Springs Vet Clinic 
Vicky & Raymond Viets * 
 Ashburn Veterinary Hospital
 SSI Logic - Chris Scordo
 Great Falls Animal Hospital
 Virginia Pistol *
 Culligan of Front Royal *
 Clocktower Animal Hospital *
 Shear Elegance Pet Boutique *
 Ridge Line Designs LLC *
 Steve and Sandy Schwalb *
 Jandor Homes Inc - Steve Yanovich *
 Melissa Nielson & Ed Yawn *
 John & Gayle Gulley *
 Arch & Sharon Wells *
 Jerry & Sue Abbott *
 David Dwornik *
 The Smith Family Trust
 Bob Gartner *
 Amy Gartner
 Phil Tremper - PhyMD *
 Roseville Vet Clinic *
 Plaza Pet Clinic *
 National Realty Partners
 Judith Kincannon *
 Bill & Netty Hottel *
 Jackie & Randy Barbour
 Powell's Plumbing *
 F&F Properties *
 The Apple House Restaurant and Deli / George McIntyre
 Willy Williams *
 The Perfect Pita *
 Titan Moving and Storage *
 Terri & Greg Kellenberger *
 White Post Restorations *
 Jaye & Charlie Blevins *
 The Animal House *
 Aero Engines *
 Carol Mesheske
 Luminescence Foundation *
 Grand Home Furnishings *
 BB&T Bank *
 MDI Imaging & Mail *
 Richard H. Catlett *


We Love Returning Golfers!

Golfers are signing up!!!! 

The dogs are ready and waiting to thank all of our golfers and sponsors at this year's golf tournament and auction.  As you will see below our golfers and our dogs make wonderful pictures together. 

The Streeter foursome will join us again in 2014!  They are always the first to sign up and they look forward to the golf tournament every year!
And the O'Neill foursome will join us again!
And the Zugby foursome will be joining us again too!
And the Komar foursome will also be there in 2014!!
We have room for a few more golf foursomes, so send in your registration soon so you don't miss a great day of playing golf, enjoying good food, outbidding others for wonderful auction items, and of course meeting our great DOGS!

Our golf tournament really helps us raise funds to cover medical expenses for the many dogs in our care until we can find them their forever home.  Thank you for supporting our golf tournament!  Your support makes all the difference and allows us to continue rescuing these wonderful german shepherds.

See you on September 12, 2014 at Blue Ridge Shadows Golf Course!

Monday, July 21, 2014

My First Foster

We are so lucky to have a group of dedicated volunteers within VGSR who support all aspects of our dogs' needs.  While VGSR has a cadre of excellent foster homes, we need more foster parents who are willing and able to help us accomplish our mission of "rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing the German Shepherd Dog."

We wanted to share a first foster parent's experience, with our readers.  This is why we do what we do:

Sarena # 3367 was our first foster.  Sarena joined the VGSR family on the day she was scheduled to be put to sleep. The shelter named her Sarena, but it didn't fit. Since she had come back from the eve of death, right after New Year's eve, our family called her Evey. She came house-trained, terrified of garages and crates. She couldn't get enough of the carpet and sprawled out on it as if she had never felt it before. She loved children and relaxing on the couch, especially with someone cuddling with her. She had medium, soft fur that didn't shed, pie-balding on her legs which was stunning, she was a very petite GSD mix at 40 pounds and such a friendly girl. I couldn't believe she had been overlooked at the shelter. 

 Evey chose her forever home. She fell in love with her new family, immediately upon meeting them. Laying on both Kathy and her son, Gordie, they hugged and played and talked for an hour. The moment they left, Evey did something spectacular. She let me know that was her family. She sat by the door and wouldn't move when they left. Then, she ran to the window, and sat for hours, staring, hoping, waiting for them to come take her home. She knew. It was an incredible experience. I called Kathy that night and told her that Evey had chosen her family.
Kathy came the next day to take her home forever. She brought with her a collar with an tag engraved Evey; it meant a lot that she kept her name. Kathy sends me photos every once in a while,
the first being the first night Evey was home, sleeping on the carpet, so relaxed as if she knew she was finally, actually, loved and home. A wonderful volunteer captured Kathy, I, Evey and our pup, Champ, hugging for the first time, a year later at the reunion. Kathy sends me photos of Evey on vacation with them, hiking, celebrating the anniversary of her coming home, and videos of her having fun at the dog parks. There could have been no better fit for the first little pup who left a paw print on our hearts. 
Please help us help the dogs by becoming a Tournament Sponsor or an Auction Donor.  All the forms can be found on the right of this page, listed under Important Documents.  Thank you for your support.

Monday, July 14, 2014


We have a Cinderella story to tell.   

Remember Hilda?

Hilda was an 11 year old GSD left tied to a tree to die in WV? Sort of like Cinderella and her evil stepmother and stepsisters. The evil stepmother and sisters tied her to a tree. Fairy godfather saw her tied to a tree and did everything to get her out of the situation. Hilda (Cinderella) is picked up by animal control and VGSR invites Hilda to the Ball. Cinderella's Fairy godmother comes to the rescue. She gets Cinderella cleaned up and puts the word out about Cinderella.

Hilda and her new bestie! 
What a wonderful world!
Prince Charming hears about Cinderella and  takes her home to his castle where she lives happily ever after. 
Just goes to show you what can be done when you think there is no hope. Thank You to the foster for being her Fairy god mother.

There are many more stories no one hears about. The world is a better place due to all of the rescues Fairy god mothers and volunteers.

On behalf of all the rescued animals I say THANK YOU!

A note from Prince Charming:
Just wanted to let you know how Cinderella was doing and forward you a few pics!!
...she and sister did fine on the ride home yesterday!....she explored the house, found her favorite spot is sitting at the front door and looking out on the street!! fact she liked it there so much that when it was bed time, we set up her bed right in front of the door....took the dogs out for a walk at 11pm, and then Cinderella slept through the night....I think if she could she would really want to chase birds and squirls!!...we are keeping her walks short though and close to home so that we can judge how long her enery wil last.,,,

Thanks again
Prince Charming

We Need Your Support NOW!

It seems like we just had New Year's. 4th of July has come and gone. Soon the kids will be heading back to school and then it will be time for the VGSR Golf Tournament and Auction fundraiser. Will it be a success or failure? Will the dogs be the winners or losers?

I know if you're like me you keep saying I still have time -  I will register and/or submit my sponsorship tomorrow. TicToc. Tomorrow comes and you say I still have time. TicToc. Then 12 Sept is here and you wonder where the time went. You realize too late there is no more time.  You think that's alright. I am sure everyone else signed up. I'm sure others donated. I am sure others were able to get the sponsors.  One less will not matter. Tic toc. The event took place but not enough sponsors, golfers or volunteers showed.  Tic Toc. We have a call from one of the shelters. They have a GSD that is heartworm positive, rescue only, can you take her?  Sorry we can not take her. We can take in the young and healthy. Due to lack of funds we can not take any seniors, sick or those needing hospice. Tic Toc. What is to become of the seniors, sick and hospice dogs already in the rescue?

The above could easily happen. We need everyone to participate. We need sponsors, donations for the auction. volunteers for the event. Dogs for the event.

What are you doing to make this event a success?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


How many have really thought about saving a life or giving someone a second chance at life? What would you do to help? I thought about this today as I looked at some of the dogs that had been posted on my FB page.  A bonded pair that are 11 years young. One the hind quarters are beginning to fail and the other is still doing well. The owners dropped them at the shelter and the shelter staff posted hoping against hope someone would adopt. Then, there's the 5 year old male that was dropped at the shelter as the family traveled and was not home most of the time.

I know there are a lot of people out there like me. I cannot foster, my husband and the 2 pups would have my bags packed and locks changed if I were to bring home another dog. . So what can you do?
We are going to have the 7th Annual VGSR Golf Tournament and Auction fundraiser on Sept 12.
 We need your support.

The cost to play golf in the Tournament is: individual: $99.00
                                                                     foursome: $360.00
In addition, Sponsors are needed as well as items for the Auction.  All the needed forms are on the right of this post, under Important Documents!  It's easy.

Not only will you help VGSR continue to take in the young, old, sick and hospice dogs, you will have a good time with friends both 2 and 4 legged. We cannot do it with out your support.

The cost of the look of fear to gratitude in a GSD's eyes: Priceless
To see a Broken dog with no spirit to a dog with a sparkle in his eyes and smile: Priceless
The feeling you get when you know you helped to give these dogs a second chance: Priceless


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Two Reasons to Support VGSR's Golf Tournament and Auction

VGSR helps dogs of all ages, from the very young to the old.  VGSR's Annual Golf Tournament is our largest fundraiser of the year and we could really use your support. 
Here are two of VGSR's wonderful dogs that your support will help.  One is very young and one is getting up there in years.
The first one is Jack. 
Jack is a 4 month old with Patent Ductus Arteriosus, a congenital heart defect.  A blood vessel called ductus arteriosus connects the two main arteries of the body - the aorta and the pulmonary artery. This blood vessel should close shortly after birth, but for Jack that did not happen.  Jack was dropped off at a shelter because the owner could not afford to get Jack diagnosed or treated.  Because the blood vessel does not close, extra blood gets into the lungs and typically would result in death within the first year.  But it can be fixed with surgery.  And Jack just had his surgery thanks to VGSR!  Watch for updates on Jack on
Our next dog is Hilda.  She has not had an easy life.  If it were not for a good Samaritan, Hilda would still be chained in a back yard with just a tarp for shelter. 
Hilda is about 11 years old and spent most of it chained in a back yard.  She did not get the care and love she deserved and needed.  She may have degenerative myelopathy, an auto-immune disease, that will eventually leave her unable to walk.  Her sight may be slightly compromised but Hilda can still navigate.  Hilda is a very special dog with special needs. VGSR will ensure Hilda is cared for and loved for the rest of her life.
Thanks to donations to VGSR, both Jack and Hilda are getting the special care they need.  These dogs might not be alive today if not for VGSR.  VGSR is able to give dogs like Jack and Hilda the special medical care they need because of donations and fundraising.  Adoption fees do not even begin to cover the cost of fostering most dogs.  So we raise money.  VGSR relies on donations from businesses and individuals with 100% of proceeds going directly to care for the dogs.
Your support for VGSR's 7th Annual Golf Tournament and Auction is a really fun way to help dogs like Jack and Hilda as VGSR continues its mission to rescue, rehabiliate, and rehome German Shepherd dogs.  We hope you will join us on September 12 for a great day of golf, friends, fun filled auction, food, and dogs.  Just take a look at Jack and Hilda's faces.  And if you haven't already, now is a good time to send in your golf tournament sponsorship or golf registration.
Thank you for your support!